Type: City
Ruling Family: None
Magistrate: Lucius Donnus
Colors: Gold and Crimson
Seal: Vitaliacrest2
Known For:

The Imperial City The Senate Imperial Temple Noble Forum

Nicknames: The Capital City The City of Life The Invincible City
Patron Deity: Dianthus

The City of Vitalia is an unincorporated City in the Empire of Eelia, meaning that it is part of no County and has no ruling family overseeing it. Known as the Capital City, Vitalia houses the Imperial City, the Senate Chambers and the Nobel Forum as well as the Imperial Temple and many other important buildings and organizations key to the organization and administration of the Empire. Vitalia is the largest city in the Empire and is the home of some of the most important citizens and nobles of the Empire.


Founded late in the Monarchal period of Eelia to reposition the Capitol City in a more central location after the Northern Conquest Vitalia was originally named Victoriox, however two years after the city was commissioned King Danarius was killed by an assassin’s blade and the Nation fell into a series of Feudal wars for the throne which put the construction on hold. After the Imperial Reclamation put an end to the Feudalism and reestablished the Empire construction resumed, however this time under the name of Vitalia to represent the new life that had been infused into the largely broken nation. Construction was complete nine years later and the City has stood as the symbol of Imperial Power ever since.

For the six hundred years of the second Imperial Age the City was under a nearly constant state of siege and war by all manner of threats, both internal and external to the Empire and yet in the entire time the City has never fallen and has only been breached twice, earning the nickname “The Invincible City”. After the passing of the second Imperial Age with the establishment of the Senate and the Forum of Nobles the modern age was ushered in. Since that time the City has only been attacked once during the Porcius Rebellion, an attack that was also successfully rebuffed.

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