The Verici Bank is a financial institution created by House Verici in Eelia during the late monarchal period of the Empire. It is the largest and most respected bank within Eelia making the Verici family one of the wealthiest families in Eelia. While House Verici holds no serious political power the family has a presence in nearly every House and Court within the Empire and is seen by critics as the puppet masters behind the faces of the Empire, including not only the Noble Houses but the Tyrnal seats, the Emperor, the various guilds, the Senate and even the Church.

The Bank is widely involved in what it deems “The four pillars”.

Pillar One: Banchi Pegno

Pawn shops and money changers which tend to cater to the lower classes. Ease of borrowing and changing is appealing but the outrageous interest rates charged, up to thirty percent at times, make the risk worth the taking for the Bank, and wildly profitable.

Pillar Two: Banchi Minuto

The small time banking pillar the Minuto focus primarily on lending and brokering on the small scale. One of the hallmarks of this branch in the brokering of bullion and jewels for less coin than the item is truly worth but providing “quick cash”.

Pillar Three: Banchi Mercato

A deposit banking pillar providing safe storehouses for coin and valuables for service charges and provides loans and capital for its customers.

Pillar Four: Banchi Grossi

The mover and shaker of the financial world providing large sums of capital for long term (at times multi-generational) projects catering to Noble and Imperial clientele. Through this branch the Bank can provide the capital for expeditions, construction projects and even wars. 

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