The Valiant

The Valiant is the first quinquereme in service in any navy in Eelia making her the largest and fastest ship in the Empire. She serves as the personal ship of Tyrne Faustus Orenburn and the flagship of the Bacilian Navy to inspire pride in the hearts of Bacilians and fear in the hearts of her enemies.  


The Valiant was designed and built at the Vellum Bacilia Shipyards by Pontius Vigo, a master shipbuilder and architect most famous for his work in biremes. The ship is an entirely new concept for both Eelian ship design and her designer and is the first quinquereme in service in any Eelian navy. This new design employs a 2-2-1 stacked oarsmen pattern allowing a total of 90 oars on each side of the vessel, cuts through the water with a 3 meter wide waterline and her deck towers above the standard biremes and even triremes at 3 meters above the water line with a water displacement of approximately 1000 tons making her both heavy and extremely fast with minimal sacrifice to mobility. She also carries a primary and secondary main mast allowing for two full sails as well as any out-rigging making her an extremely capable long range vessel.

The ship took a year to build and cost thirty thousand gold pieces to complete. 

Armaments and Compliment Edit

The Valiant carries a standard compliment of 300 crew and 100 marines collectively known as “The Valiants”. It is the highest honor to serve on board the ship as each man is hand selected by the Tyrne himself and will always hold the honor of leading the fleet or carrying the Tyrne on his journeys and adventures.

While the ship is capable of being fitted with a number of armaments the standard rig includes two ballistae fore and aft and an iron keel ram.