Type: Military

Top Secret

Legio: Legio X

The Legion Umbra Triarii, commonly known as the Triarii, are the Legion's principal special operations force as well as the land component of the Legion Special Operations Command.

The name Umbra Triarii is old Eelian derived from the word Umbra, meaning shadows, indicating the secretive and stealthy manner in which their teams operate and Triarii, the term given to the most skilled and experienced veterans in military service.

Umbra Triarii teams are members of the Duxal Legio (Legio X) and are made up of one senior officer, one to two junior officers and eight to ten enlisted members. The senior officer is selected by the Director of Special Operation or the Dux Legio; the remainder of the team is recruited by the senior officers themselves with little to no outside influence. Once selected initiate Triarii are put through a rigorous training and process to ensure that only the best actually make it to the team, and when they do they are as prepared as possible for the task ahead of them.

The Umbra Triarii was formed by Emperor Quintas Maximus and Lord Dux Legio Lucius Alexios to handle missions that the regular legion are ill equipped to handle. Their typical modus operandi of the Umbra Triarii is to operate in some of the most hostile terrain in the Empire, far from the support of troops, towns and supply lines for long periods of time while combating some of the most dangerous threats against the Empire.

At present there are at least three Triarii teams who’s primary tasks are to operate in and around the South Bay region of Eelia combating opium runners, pirates and smugglers operating in the area.