Rise of the Arcane: Story ArcEdit

In the year 68CA A rift in the ether of the arcane was caused by The Shahraam Gaius Porcius and a coven of mages looking to imbue the Pankrate Warriors with arcane abilities. The experiment proved disastrous, however the rift expanded across the Empire and the realms giving rise to a new class of individual, a person with a physical connection to the living magics of the universe. These individuals find themselves in command of incredible powers both mental and physical making them both a powerful asset and dangerous liability to those without these powers.

Though these people seem to be extremely rare, their power more than compensates for their low numbers. And while many choose to use their powers for good and to uplift and defend those around them, some are choosing to use their power for personal power and greed.  

Character Creation: Arcane WarriorsEdit

Characters can be created from any class or position as an Arcane Warrior though those predisposed to magic use are slightly more likely than not.

These characters tend to be a bit more powerful than standard characters, in particular they have class skills that span the melee or ranged characteristics as well as magics or psionics making them extremely dangerous combatants and wise philosophers.  

Those aligned to the good are far more likely than those to evil.

Chapter One Edit