Type: Military
Headquarters: The Imperial City Vitalia
Leader: Praefectus Marcus Aulus





The Praetorian GuardEdit

The Praetorian Guard, based in the Praetorian Barracks within the Imperial City are the elite of the Legion and serves as the body guards to the Emperor and other important officials as well as the guardians of the Imperial City.

The name is derived from the guards who would stand watch over the General’s tent while on campaign. The tent known as the Praetorium was the location of important people, documents, maps and seals that the Legion need and the guards were considered the most trusted and responsible of the men in the Legion. When the Emperor Diaclician (53EE – 82EE) needed a group of body guards it was an obvious choice to recruit from the Praetorium Guard. The group modified its name to Praetorian and had been in near continuous service ever since.

Duties and Responsibilities: Edit

The primary function of the Praetorian Guard is to protect and guard the Imperial Family as well as other dignitaries and important people and the security of the Imperial City. They also serve as the honor guard at State functions, diplomatic events and State funerals and are available at the pleasure of the Emperor to serve in any other function he deems necessary.


Candidates for the Praetorian Guard are men in top standing with the Legion with a rank no lower than Sergeant with a proven record in combat and drill. Candidates must also be from a Patrician or Plebian Superior family, though lesser nobles are permitted to serve on occasion, though they are never permitted duty within the Imperial City to avoid any threat to the Emperor from his own guard (as has happened several times before)

To be a member of the Praetorian is among the highest honors that a Legionnaire can achieve, but it is also a large commitment. Accepting the commission of the Praetorian requires a fifteen year commitment to the Guard which begins with two years at the Citadel, learning advanced martial skills as well as all the other necessary skills and knowledge required to be a Praetorian.