Headquarters: Imperial Temple: Vitalia
Leader: Divine Priest Sophecles

Devine Priest



High Priest

Priest Regent




The Pantheon Order, The Temple, and the Priesthood are all broad terms given to the Holy Order of the Pantheon Temple Priesthood, the religious order of the Eelian Pantheon. With temples scattered all across the Empire and beyond, the Order sees to the religious and spiritual needs of the people, as well as managing education throughout most of the Empire, supervising and control of the Temple Magi, oversight of the Pantheon Knights, and the study and interpretation of the edicts and scriptures of the gods.

The Holy Order of the Pantheon Temple Priesthood has broad and far reaching power and influence, but it holds true to a policy of non-interference with political affairs. Despite this policy, the Order does from time to time step in to offer advice and guidance in political affairs, though it has never overtly influenced anything.

The PriesthoodEdit

Life as a Pantheon Priest can at times seem difficult and lonely, but few of them know any other life. It is considered to be quite an honor to have a priest or priestess in the family and thus, many second and third born children, even from noble families find themselves dedicated to the Order at a very young age. Young children hold no rank within the temple, but at the age of twelve they can take their vows of servitude and obtain the rank of Initiate and enter the cloister. At the cloister the Initiate priests will spend years pouring over sacred texts, studying and learning at the feet of learned men of faith and growing in knowledge and understanding of the gods and the order.

After they graduate they will become an acolyte and be sent to the various temples to learn in the field. Upon completion of their acolyte phase, a process that takes several years, they become a full priest and don the robes of their chosen order.

Vows Edit

Priestly vows can vary from order to order, but all priests take the vow of non-violence, poverty, servitude and celibacy. The first three vows hold until they leave the order by choice, expulsion or death, the vow of celibacy however only applies to initiates, acolytes, priests and priest regents, once one achieves the rank of High Priest that vow expires.