The offices of the Magistrate can be found at both the Provincial and the Imperial levels however all Magistrates are versed in law and serve as mediators and judges and are considered senior officers of their respective governing body. 

Trial Proceedings Edit

While many Provinces have variations to the general proceedings (see below) the general procedure of justice in Eelia is as follows.

The Arrest: Any citizen of the Empire may detain another given appropriate cause however in general the only individuals capable of making an arrest are sword officers of the State endowed with judiciary privilege. Upon arrest all prisoners retain the right to fair and humane treatment but citizens retain the right to council should they choose to exercise that right, however the defense of the accused is the responsibility of the individual, not the State.

The Arraignment: In Eelia the arraignment is the formal reading of the charges brought against the accused and the opportunity for the accused to offer their defense to a Magistrate. This is a closed proceeding and in most provinces only the Magistrate, the interested parties, council and guards may be present, though it is not necessary that all parties be present for the trial to commence. The ruling of the Magistrate is law, however a citizen of the Empire has the right to appeal the decision of the Magistrate to an Appellate Court.

The Appellate Court: The Appellate court is a public proceeding usually involving a great deal more pomp and circumstance. The Appellate Court is overseen by an Appellate Judge and Twenty jurors and requires all interested parties to be in attendance. The trial is open to the public and while it seem to be a good idea on the surface to appeal any Magistrate’s ruling, in most provinces the punishments and penalization handed down from an Appellate Court can be a great deal more severe than a Magistrate’s and if the accused loses their appeal the total cost of the appellate trial is levied against them which can be very costly. 

Provincial IdiosyncraciesEdit





Bacilia: Bacilian trial law is handled in the same way as other provinces however the penalty is set by the victim, not the State. 





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