Type: Religious
Location: Vitalia
Leaders: Divine Priest Sophecles

The Imperial Temple is the largest and most lavish of the Temples in Eelia, built out of marble and granite, adorned with several tons of gold and silver as well as innumerable examples of the nation’s wealth in gems, silks, furs, and other riches.

Though the Temple itself is dedicated to Agime, the King of the Gods, the Imperial Temple is flanked with eight towers, each dedicated to one of the Protogenoi . Each Temple Tower houses one major temple and three smaller temples, making this structure unique in Eelia in that it boasts a temple to each of the gods in the Pantheon. In addition, within the Central Temple there are shrines dedicated to the various Daimones and Paragons of the Empire.

Located in a prime district within the imperial capital of Vitalia, structures around the Imperial Temple also unofficially house various Sects and Orders found within the Temple

Temple Map Edit


1: The Temple Gate where priests offer services

2: The Temple Proper where the offices, living quarters, shrines, gardens, libraries, meal halls and all other communal rooms are housed.

3: Temple of Agime, Februn, Lune and Solsten

4: Temple of Dianthus, Ithmius, Jondan and Methicci

5: Temple of Charun, Togadine, Iccena and Londinius

6: Temple of Circuli, Piscen, Tempasten and Xown

7: Temple of Heracle, Glumberdoc, Serivoord and Hiretone

8: Temple of Osis, Ao, Io and Eo

9: Temple of Epearin, Sericles, Hiksas and Achidemes

10: Temple of Davonii, Erxos, Klethos and Verish