The Imperial Navy

Type: Military
Headquarters: Isca Vellum
Leader: Lucius Alexios 
Officer Ranks:

Dux Legio

General Captain




Enlisted Ranks:

Master Chief


1st Crewman

2nd Crewman



The Imperial Navy is a militant collection of ships used primarily for to protect and defend sea lanes and trade routes around the Empire from pirates and marauders as well as any foreign military vessels. The Imperial Navy is a division of the Imperial Legion and is commanded as such by the Generals and the Dux Legio, however, despite its official attachment to the Legion the training, manning and even the culture of the Navy is very different to that of the Legion. 

Headquarters at Isca Vellum, an Island Province to the far north of the Empire the Navy tends to be largely forgotten until it is needed which seems to be the way they prefer it. Naval officers and crewmen seem to prefer the rough and tumble lives they lead with weeks and even months spent out at sea they are accustomed to being self-sufficient and seem to prefer avoiding the politics and intrigue of the south.   

Ships of the LineEdit

The Imperial Navy does very little in the way of innovation in ship design and prefer to leave that to the work of the Provincial Naval Auxiliaries but are quick to adopt designs and tactics from them at the first opportunity. The following is a list of the most common ships used by the Imperial Navy.    

The Pentecontor: The Pentecontor is the oldest design still in use and while most found around Eelia are trade vessels the Navy still employs theirs as coastal patrol ships and escort vessels. Most of these ships are old and have been repaired a great many times but the design has served the Navy well for a very long time and shows no sign of being abandoned any time soon.

The Bireme: The Bireme is far and away the most common ship used in the Navy. Employing a double row of oarsman and a single sail the bireme, while lacking the raw power of its larger cousins is both fast and agile and coupled with its relatively low costs and quick build times it is the staple of both the Imperial Navy and the Naval Auxiliaries across the Empire. 

The Trireme: The Trireme is the heavy battleship across the Empire and is used heavily as Flagships and Capital ships as well as medium to long range patrol ships and is considered the height of popular ship technology and engineering. Utilizing a triple row of oarsmen and a single mast (though capable of supporting a second in some configurations) the trireme has proven itself for generations to be the heavy lifter of the Naval world.