Located in the Noble district of Vitalia the Imperial City is a totally self-contained city unto itself. Housing the Imperial Palace, the Ministries and several other Imperial structures the Imperial City is built upon a man-made lake and surrounded by towering forty foot defensive walls.

Originally designed and funded by Junaid Sostrate as a gift to Emperor Gaius Thrace upon his ascension to the Ivory Throne in order to gain the Emperor’s favor in his bid to secure trade contracts with Banna and Corin, favor that the Emperor gladly gave.

The Imperial City is guarded night and day by the elite Praetorian Guard who are kept at legion level numbers and keep all but those permitted to be inside the Imperial City at bay. Between the natural defenses and the Praetorian Legion the Imperial City is the most heavily fortified and defended place in all of Eelia, not even the strongest armies or craftiest assassins could penetrate it.

Map of the Imperial CityEdit


1. The Imperial Palace

2. The Imperial Garden

3. The Praetorian Barracks

4. The Ministry of the Treasury

5. The Ministry of War

6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. The Ministry of the Interior

8. The Ministry of Justice

9. The Ministry of the Secretariat

10. The Lion’s Gate

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