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While not one of Hedone's 'girls,' Shanira was one of the first to move into Hedone's recently errected home. After having met at a food vendor's cart, the young healer in training was invited to stay at the house (with free room and board) if she would agree to be House Physician. Shanira is extremely proud of the title 'House Physician' - though she feels it's a little inaccurate, until she finishes her training. In addition to caring for colds or other illnesses the residents may contract, Shanira also sees to Samella's and the other guards scrapes' and bruises acquired during training or carrying out their duties, and tutors Euphemia in herbology and anatomy.

Since arriving at the House, Shanira has been developing a friendship with Euphemia, and training in self-defence in the early hours of the morning with Samella. Between her duties to the House, her studies, her physical training, and the herbal remedies she makes and sells for extra spending money, she keeps herself very busy, but she is extremely grateful for the opportunities her association with Hedone affords her.