Type: Province
Ruling Family: Fabius
Colors: Purple and Cream
Seal: A dove carrying a rose.
Known For: Resorts, Sexuality, Worship of Erxos
Nicknames: City of a Thousand Brothels
Patron Deity: Erxos

There is a jest amongst the southern provinces regarding the harsh, violent nature amongst the northern ones. Their militaristic natures often forged due to being at the frontier of the empire. Servia is the exception. Perhaps the official worship of Erxos began in the hopes of creating a massive population, but Servia is now a city devoted to the pursuit of more carnal pleasure.

Capital CityEdit

Servia's capital deviates from the utilitarian, spartan style of many northern cities. Though still protected by thick, strong walls and a perfectly defensible harbor, Servians are proud of their rich greenery and fragrant gardens. Parks and flowering gardens are plentiful and the people are never wanting for the fruits and edible flowers they provide. The gardens and the city's position at the water front make it an ideal tourist destination for many Eelians. Entertainment is plentiful, and the entertainers, generous.