Seema is currently the youngest of the girls in residence at Hedone's House, at only thirteen years of age. She was discovered at a slave auction, where her Master had sent her, so he could raise funds to repair damages incured during the firebombing of the city.

Having been initially taught to be seen and not heard, do as she's told, and to never speak unless spoken to, Seema is doing her best to adjust to her new circumstances. She still struggles with meeting the eyes of strangers, and often finds herself reverting to a subservient, downwards gaze when frightened, intimidated, or uncertain.

Trained in dancing, singing, and on the harp and kythara, Seema is delighted by the opportunity to pursue her music. She works tirelessly at her art, both out of a genuine desire to improve herself, and a somewhat irrational fear that she would once again be sold to an unknown future should she turn out to be a disappointment (not that she would dare to voice such a fear).

Greek girl by miriamartist
She is a gentle soul - sweet to a fault, and concerned for the well being of others. She has no training in self defense, and no desire to acquire any. She thrives on praise, and delights in helping others. There is some doubt that she has the fire and ambition necessary to be a truly successful hetera - that she is too delicate for the task - but she is young yet and the future has yet to be written.