Samella is the head of Hedone's house guard. She oversees the security of all residents of the house, accompanies Hedone and/or the girls on outings, and gives self-defense training. She takes her work seriously, and is very protective of the girls in her care, even if they don't think they need it. Samella is loyal to a fault, and once she agrees to a contract, it is impossible for her to be bought, bribed, whined at or coerced out of it.

She is a retired Legionaire, skilled in basic engineering for fortification, small unit tactics, stealth, survival, tracking and scouting. She is proficient in the weapons and armor of the light infantry, as well as spear and crossbow. While she has a deep sense of personal honor, she will fight dirty, ending fights quickly to minimize the chance of a charge getting injured. The guardswoman will kill without guilt or regret if the situation warrants it, but will not talk much about her time in the Legion beyond the first five years. She simply just avoids the subject entirely.

Shanira finds Samella to be a bit of a mother goose - and everyone knows how scary geese can be.