Monetary units in Eelia are fairly straight-forward and standard to most gaming settings. There are three basic types of coinage. This page was created by popular demand in order to give players a standard by which to imagine the value of merchandise (or any other service).

Unit $ Amount Description Point of Reference Conversion
1 Half-Copper (hc) $.50 Small copper piece pressed with a laurel. Worth a small bread roll or a small ball of thread. 2hc = 1c
Copper Piece (c) $1.00 Slightly larger copper piece pressed with the Senate seal. Worth a family-sized loaf of hard bread.

10 c = 1 s

100c = 1g

Silver Piece (s) $10.00 Silver coin pressed with provincial Tyrnal seal or a lion's head. Two bottles of good table wine or a decent pair of store-bought sandals.

10s = 1g

Gold Piece (g) $100.00 Gold coin pressed with the Emperor's or regional Tyrne's image. Dinner for two at a fine restaurant or a decent blade. 100g = 1gb
Gold Bar (gb) $10,000.00 Gold bar pressed on all sides with the Imperial or Provincial Treasury seal. Reserved for large exchanges, usually found in banks. 100g = 1gb

Amounts higher than these are not found in circulation - though platinum coins and bars can be authorized by cerain banks or the Imperial treasury. One platinum coin is worth 100 gold pieces ($1,000) while a platinum bar is worth twelve gold bars ($120,000).