A tall man, muscular, but not to the degree of being bulky. His skin is tanned from his life in the sun. He has short brown hair and looks upon the world with a serious glare. Often wears loose fitting clothes that he can more easily move around in than armor. He is crude, as any seafarer might be, and strict, though among his crew he is respected. Has always put a emphasis on discipline on his ship and will often react negatively to gross insults. The more respectful one is to him, the more likely he will be respectful in return, this also goes with how generous he might be.He likes things in order. When it comes taking a prize on the sea, Marius will be merciless to any who who try to withstand him or fight back. Most non-militant crew he will leave alive if they surrender, if only so they can sail again and once more be potential prey. This also enforces the idea that those who surrender to him have a better chance to survive which makes obtaining his spoils easier.

Marius is an elemental Apostate of electrcity.

Marius was born and raised on the sea. The Ori sea to be precise. He was born on a pirate ship, his father already an infamous captain... But this story isn't about him. Marius had no choice as to how he was raised. Leading a harsh life of discipline and villainy. He was trained to fence, he trained to think, he was trained by the scum of the seas to rape, ravage, and raze. To plunder and destroy. But if given the choice... He would never change it. He loves this life. It is the only one he has known. He loves the challenge, he sees it as a game. He loves the money, he loves the conflict, he loves the power, he loves the sea. He loves the freedom.

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