Eelia is rooted in history, but has several obvious fantastical elements. As such, this is a world where Eelian Gods are undeniably real, magic, elves, monsters and angry spirits exist. However these are things with which the overwhelming majority of the Eelian population would have no contact or experience. So here are some ground rules when thinking about characters or NPCs...


If you want your character to have magic in Eelia, please read the Temple Magi page very carefully. There are philosophical, cultural, religious, and practical reasons as to why the practice of magic is so regulated. the page also lists the types of magic found in Eelia and their rarity. Most other kinds of magic have been forgotten, though rumors persist that runic and druidic magics remain in small quantities in the barbaric northlands.

The short of it is if you are making a character with magical ability in Eelia, you can only pick one sphere, your stat should not be very high without GM approval, especially if you are an apostate magic user (that is, not-affiliated with the Temple).


Psionics do not exist in Eelia, however there are certain shamanistic magics present in small pockets of Denegal and Vosland that could emulate them to a point. 

Races and "Conditions" Edit

PCs are not allowed to make shifters or undead characters in Eelia. If you wish to make a race other than human: such as an an Elf or Goblin (be prepared for attempts on your characters life to be made on sight with this latter...), consult with a GM and get approval first. Elves, for example, are rarely seen (or treated well) outside of their domains. 

Vampirism and LycanthropyEdit

There are no vampires or lycans in Eelia or associated realms. They simply do not exist in the world setting.

Supernatural Beings

Though supernatural creatures and beings are present in Eelia, talk to a GM or the SA about utilizing them in games first. However, you should feel free to utilize creatures such as dire beasts in combat games occurring in places such as the sparsely populated Spireclaw Mountains, or roaming the desert plains of Banna.