The House of HedoneEdit

Pict p-Godward The Sweet Siesta Of A Summer Day

"The Sweet Siesta of Summer" by William Godward

While common in Servia, Hetaerae are far less so in Astravia . Hedone’s House has only recently been built and is not quite ready to open its doors. Calling cards of clients will gladly be accepted however. Hopefully within the year the lush gardens, and opulent sitting rooms will be available to host most needs from Wine tastings to Poetry readings and recitals.

Residents of the House of Hedone:










The Hetaerae are skilled and educated companions, far more so than a common prostitute. As such they are more sought after, catering mostly to the noble and wealthy citizenry of Eelia. As a courtesan, all Hetaerae have a basic understanding of general academics, as well as more specific understanding of the sensual and erotic arts. Most also pursue other focuses in education such as art, music, and dance.
Pict p-Godward The Toilette

"The Toilette" by William Godward

A hetaera house is both lodging and school to a Hetaera. All hetaerae begin their careers as indentured to the Mistress or Mother of their House. Once a girl has worked off that indenture, she has the ability to become independent; she may move on, or continue to work from her Matron’s house. Very little ‘business’ is performed at a hetaera house, as this is both home and training facility to the girls, however, it is not uncommon for a House to host parties and the like.

A girl will usually begin her training around the age of twelve or thirteen, and it is unlikely to be completed before the age of eighteen. At which point the girl will be known as her Hetaera name, usually taken from one of the Graces, Muses, or Charities. There is much ceremony attached to ‘graduating’ as a hetaera, and being an acclaimed apprentice’s first client is a very high honor.

Not all girls taken into a house ever develop enough to earn the rank of full hetaera, however. Some, usually those who are musically, inclined become House cantoreces or musicians. These girls seldom complete sensual or erotic training and are little more than glorified, well-educated house servants. The next level of training is that of the meretrices. A meretrix has received almost full hetaera training, but is either too unskilled or unambitious to become a full hetaera. These women often work in bordellos, but are far higher class than common street walkers. It is much more difficult for either rank of woman to work off her indenture and develop true independence.