House Verici is one of the most prominent and wealthy families in Eelia who came to power during the Monarchal period of Eelia through a series of financial and political coups.

The Verici family was once a plebian family living and working a family farm outside of Urbania, however the family began their rise to power under Antonius Verici.

Tired of being a poor farmer Antonius Verici sold the family farm and purchased a share in a silk worm farm with a number of other investors. Antonius was a shrewd and crafty man, and if the rumors are true, he was also a murderer because after nine years his fellow investors had all been bought out or killed and Antonius found himself the sole owner of what had become a rather profitable silk plantation.

For three generations the family enjoyed more than a moderate wealth and even obtained some level of celebrity within Urbania for their fine silks, however the true beginning of the family’s power came under Mario Verici who opened the Bank of Verici. By the death of Mario he was the wealthiest man in Urbania and among the wealthiest in Eelia, but while both men were vitally important, the family owes its present status to Mario’s son, Lucius Verici.

Lucius, not satisfied with simple wealth used his money and his influence to finance Urbania’s war against Servia and by waving all finance charges for the loans he secured himself a Title of Nobility and a massive land grant in the area now known as the Delue Region. Once settled he began to transform the simple farming and fishing region into a major trade hub by building new highways leading from Cambria, Servia, Urbania, Ferrum and Astravia, it was along one of these highways that the Capital City of Vitalia was built and Delue soon saw an explosion of wealth and trade.

Since that time the Vicini family has found themselves included at court of every Tyrne and Emperor in Eelia as well as holding prominent positions within the Church and the various trade guilds and has thoroughly engrained themselves into the power structure of Eelia and beyond.

It is a common saying that the web of intrigue is woven with Verici silk.  

Isla BellavistaEdit

Isola Bella Lake Maggiore Italy
The Palatial island home of the family is Isla Bellavista. Built during the rise of the third Imperial Age the home is the joy of the family and the envy of all who see it, exactly as House Verici would have it. The only private home in Eelia that could boast more is the private retreat villa of the Emperor, though even that was built to rival Isla Bellavista.