House LivestockEdit

Hedone has a strange obsession with her household animals to be if not matching, than to at least for them to be fairly well coordinated.

The first and foremost of Hedone's animals is h
er beloved riding horse, Phaeton. A gift from a former client, it was Phaeton that began the current 'color scheme' that Hedone follows. A mare so high spirited as to be nearly flighty, Phaeton allows almost no one to handle her and certainly no one but Hedone to ride her.

Like many high strung horses, Phaeton require
s a companion, so Hedone found Dumpling. Nearly 20 years old, Dumpling is a sound and sturdy draft pony. Industrious, he serves many purposes other than companion, including a gentle learning horse for the girls, and pulling the cart. A sweet natured gelding, Dumpling still acts the clown, despite his age.

Unlike the h
Cane corso
orses, the guard dogs did not travel to Astravia from Servia, but were more recent additions. A male and female mastif, she hopes both will proove fiercly loyal and vigilent. Brusas is the male, and Caroline is the female.

'That ca
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t' is a stray that has taken residence in Hedone's barn. A skilled mousser, and not so feral as to forbid skitches, he is has earned a place in the Hetaera household.

Drusenda came to the House, with the plan of usurping 'that cat.' However, thus far the plan has failed. Drusenda rarely leaves the kitchen and pantry, though, but at least keeps them free of rodents.