The Greyson Monastery is one of the most recognizable and respected institutions across the Eelian Empire. Located at The Pebbles , it houses innumerable priceless artifacts and texts, both religious in nature and critical to the culture and even the identity of Eelia - essentially functioning as a national and religious archive. Home to monks, priests, and priestess who have devoted their lives to their care of these materials and their interpretation, the Monastery is as much a vault as it is one of the religious hearts of Eelia. It is also home to The Holy Order of Pantheon Knights, who defend it. The walls of the Monastery have not been breached since the Pantheon Knights were formally created some one-thousand-four-hundred years ago.


The Monastery is a vast complex, made up of several buildings whose ages are difficult to determine, but ancient texts place its construction in the latter half of the Age of Ori . Various buildings have been added and developed within the large and heavy walls of the Monastery over the centuries. These are primarily storage facilities, or dormitory expansions. At the heart of the complex is still the old fort-turned monastery, a massive structure of vine covered stone. Its lush exterior softens a brilliantly imposing structure with heavy walls and few windows, designed to create a sheltered life for those priests within.

Completely self-sustaining, within the outer walls of the Monastery are numerous natural wells, feilds and orchards tended by the Temple priests. Some livestock is kept in small barns, consisting mostly of sheep for the wool they provide.