Euphemia is the most advanced of the girls who are training in Hedone's House, and also her protégé. The girl is cool, ambitious, and will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary (short of actual physical violence) to keep her ranking in the house. She desires nothing more than to make a name for herself, amass a fortune, and retire, much as her mentor has done. Though, she wouldn’t mind being the power behind some wealthy patron’s private empire.

Euphemia’s General Skills: General Academics (Mathematics, History, Philosophy, Reading, Writing), Dance, Music, Oration and Recitation, Massage, Comportment, Ettiquette

Personal Studies : Herbalism, Anatomy, Pressure Points (For therapy’s sake, of course!)

Specialization: Eroticism (Specifically seduction, massage and sensuality)

As a side note: Only her general skills are in use at the moment. The rest she will not be proficient in until after she reaches her majority and has made her debut She can debate, converse, pour you tea, dance for you read for you, and that is the extent of her current interactions with potential future clients.