Doxa is the home of the gods and the eternal reward, or damnation, for all Eelians. After the funeral rites, where the body of the deceased is burned upon a pyre, the soul is released to journey to the Afterlife with the guidance of Obitese. If a body is not properly cremated, however, the soul can remain trapped inside the body, missing it's opportunity to travel to Doxa with Obitese and is thus cursed to wander the afterlife, lost and alone.

There are four distinct sections of Doxa.

The Eternal GardensEdit

The Eternal Gardens are the home of the gods where the gods live, work, and play. The Gardens are located in the center of the Otium Fields and surrounded by a large wall built entirely of gold with four gates: one of a massive solid diamond, one a massive solid ruby, one a massive solid emerald, and the final a massive solid sapphire. The garden is the source of all life and energy in the universe and at it's center is the Enternal Temple, where Agime sits upon the mighty Throne of the Gods.

The Otium Fields (oh-tie-um)Edit

The Otium Fields are the great reward for the honored and blessed dead. Life in these fields is easy and wonderful, labor is mild and the fruits of the field are ripe and delicious. The sun is always warm, the breeze cool and the smells of nature and goodness permeate the air.

The Erratus Expanse (ear-rat-us)Edit

The Erratus Expanse is where those miserable lost souls - those whose bodies went unburned - find themselves. These Expanses are covered in arid desert lands with little food or pleasure to be found. The Expanse is constantly raided by the Furries, a band of raiders sent out by Osis to scour the Expanse and find those lost souls and drag them to the Morsus Plains. Only the lucky and extremely resourceful will ever find their way out of the Expanse and into the Otium Fields.

The Morsus Plains (more-sus)

A land of eternal agony and pain. The air burns the lungs and eyes, the earth boils up from under you in pools of moltent sulphur that burns the flesh and yet the flesh will not burn away and death cannot come, for death has already claimed those dishonored and damned souls destined to spend all of eternity in this land of torment.