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The core doctrine of the Eelian Pantheon is built upon the “Three Tiers of Truth” consisting of Fundamental Truth, Primal Truth, and Enlightened Truth. The three truths intertwine, showing the understanding that truth is both changeable and unchangeable.

The Fundamental Truth deals in the true foundation of truth. That in the universe there are powers greater than even the gods themselves, that in this world and all others there are two equal but opposing forces, the impulse to create and the impulse to destroy. Take for instance the most primal elements of nature, water can quench the thirst of man, or drown him. Fire can heat the man and cook his food, but so too can it burn everything to ash. These two impulses, to create or destroy, are fundamental, unchangeable, and must be in balance. To lose balance between the two drives would cause complete chaos.

The Primal Truth deals in matter of facts, truths that are elemental and historical. This is seen as the realm of truth in which the gods reside. Primal truths are natural, physical, and, at times, metaphysical, spanning the galaxies and living with each of us. To understand Primal Truth is to understand the nature of the universe and a person's place within it.

The Enlightened Truth deals with matters of ideals. This is the realm of truth in which men reside. Here the truth of freedom, love, empathy, hate, morality, and such ideas are the focal point. Matters of philosophy and wisdom reside here. Enlightened Truth is percieved as the murkiest of the three truths, as one's personal perceptions can often cloud the truth, but the path to Enlightened Truth can be explored.

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