The Paragon CultsEdit



There are many Paragon Cults spread around the Empire. Belonging to a cult does not preclude the worship of the gods, but tends to focus one’s worship into a singular purpose as represented by the Paragon that one has chosen to serve. Cults are both good and evil but so long as they break no laws they are permitted to exist and worship as they please.

The Cult of PericlesEdit

Pericles was the founder of the Red Rose Merchant’s Guild, the most powerful guild of it’s sort until it merged with two others to form the Tria Rosa . Pericles was the wealthiest man in Eelia at the time of the fall of the Monarchy, the man seemed incapable of making a bad business decision and he thought big. It was not his financial prowess alone that earned him the roll of Paragon but his well-known philanthropic pursuits. Poverty was a major problem in Eelia at the time and Pericles spent multiple fortunes on correcting the issue. He hired the homeless at fair wages and employed them at whatever they were skilled at, oft times starting new businesses to give the people something to do. Despite the amount of money that he invested and gave away, the man continued to earn more and he achieved legendary status by dreaming up new ways to spend his money on public works and edification. Pericles died wealthier than the Emperor, his money and businesses were willed to his thousands of employees and many schools, temples and academies were opened in his name.

Cultists are businessmen, nobles and well to do members of society and follow in their paragon’s manner by giving back and reinvesting into the communities around them as benefactors and philanthropists.

The Cult of XeniaEdit

Xenia was born at the end of the Dark Ages of Eelia and achieved her Paragon status not through battle or politics but through hospitality and selflessness. In an age where battle killed more people than anything else Xenia blazed brave new trails by caring for the sick and injured wherever she went, regardless of political or provincial affiliation. She established care-centers and trained other women to follow in her steps. Xenia was killed for her actions in Urbania, but she was given full honors by the Temple and appointed a Paragon at her funeral.

The Cult of Xenia follows the Paragon’s ways and the cultists can be found at hospitals, inns, taverns and in travel. These cultists occupy many lines of work, though most can be found in the hospitality industry.

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